Friday, January 7, 2011

One week of testing...

Dear fans and readers of this blog.

I know I promised to publish the text of the Conference I did in Barcelona last December, but yesterday I got a call from the company I worked with last year (so, suring the first half of 2010), as they needed someone for a week to do some testing, I am not going to have much time. There are good news, at least for me, even though today it has been hard to get up so early, get dressed at full speed, run to catch the tube (this morning, instead of "Singing in the rain", I would call it "Running in the rain"), get out of the tube and continue running to get to the company only 10 mins late.

So, what am I going to do over there? Well, something that might seem boring but it is well paid, and if the year starts with money, it ends with money. Today I have spent about 7 hours preparing a test plan of one of the betting games websites they have, which I already had done last summer, but it is just that it was a new system this time. What a fun!

I will therefore ask you not to forget about me. I will try to continue annoying you all over Facebook and Twitter, as usual. An, if you are good, I might show you what type of test plan I have been working on :).

Have a lovely weekend!


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