Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the time to vote has come

The Best Language Lovers 2011 contest, organised by LexioPhiles and, has started.

A few weeks ago, I learnt that someone had nominated my Facebook page about this blog for the Favourite Language Facebook Page 2011 category. Yesterday, seeing that I was amongst the 100 best pages, I decided to announce it to everybody. My amaze increased when someone told me that, besides, my Twitter account was ALSO nominated for the Favourite Language Twitterer 2011 category. You can’t even imagine how happy I am, so I would like toyou’re you that, if you think that my page or my Twitter account (or both) deserve to win (I used both to publish news, articles, blog entries, etc. about language, videogames, localisation, etc.), please, vote for me. J

It’s as easy as:

1. Go to the page with the nominations:

- Favourite Language Twitterer:

- Favourite Language Facebook Page:

2. Find within the list the Facebook page: «Localización y testeo con Curri» or the Twitter account: @Currichan (Curri Barceló).

3. Scroll down and click on «Vote».

What you get in exchange?

Make me very, very happy, and encouraging me to continue writing, publishing news, speaking about languages, videogames, etc.

Of course, if you think there is another Facebook page or Twitter account deserveing more your vote, I don’t mind if you vote for them. There are many good pages and Twitter profiles, which also deserve the prize.

I also suggest you to visit the other two categories:

- Language Professional Blog:

Donde aparecen nominados estupendos compañeros de profesión como Pablo, Clara, José, Álex/Mox, Corinne y Sebastián,

- Langauge Learning Blog:

May the best win!