Friday, December 21, 2012

Mox II: Ooops, Mox did it again!

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Less than a year ago, Mox surprised the world with a book, which compiled the comic strops from Mox's blog, together with many more strips and some articles from well-known translators.

This year, Mox did it again. Well, not Mox, but Alejandro Moreno, his 'father'.

A beautiful list of collaborators...
It's a real pleasure to share pages with them.
He compiled again more comic strips from his blog, as well as other unpublished ones. He also asked other translation celebrities, such as AndréHöchemerCatherine Christaki, Erik Hansson, Riccardo SchiaffinoXosé Castro or Michelle Hof, among others, to write an article for his book. Alejandro also asked the humble servant and owner of this blog (a very tiny one next to them) to also write one little article.

The result: a compilation of hilarious comic strips, and a list of thoughts of several professionals of our world that complement perfectly with the cartoons, which Alejandro prepared with all his love.

The cover of the book: I bet many translators
have found themselves in this situation.

I also recommend to read first the first book (or the whole Mox' blog, if you prefer), as it will be a good way to know the whole of Mox's story from the beginning.

The beginning of my tiny contribution.
BTW, my modest contribution is just a small anecdote about many of the e-mails many of us receive from agencies, the eternal debate about "my best fee" might not be "your best fee", a discussion that might get into an infinite spiral between the PM and the translator... until one of them gives up.

No doubt, this will be the ideal present for any translator or interpreter, a must-have for this festive period, which can be yours with just a few clicks (and a PayPal account, of course). I am sure that Santa and the Three Wise Men (if you also get presents on this day) will love gifting you this (after opening them to have a quick look, that's it).

Happy Holidays and an even better 2013!!