Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy birthday!

This morning I received an e-mail letting me know that Isabel García Cutillas (a Spanish blogger I follow) had a new post in her blog. I accessed the blog to read it and it wasn’t until I saw that she was saying that it had already been a year since she started the blog, that I realised that, well, my blog is also a year old! On the 27th of October, this blog turned ON YEAR OLD! (Oooh, how cute!) Time flies. Really. This year has been full of new experiences. I feel as if I had one of those pleasant dreams and, when you wake up, you can only remember a few vague images, just as photographies seen some time back, and the sensation that the dream was a very good one (just like dreaming with Brad Pitt splitting with Angelina and telling you that he wants to be the father of your children). During this year, apart from meeting a long list of Amazing people (and one or too not so good… You know, you can’t make friends if you don’t have enemies), and discover that there is life out there (out of my computer and my desk), I have learnt a lot and I have discovered that you don’t need to hold three masters degrees, two PhD’s and a year of language exchange to be able to do a presentation in front of a hundred people and, not only see that they are entertained, but also they laugh, they don’t throw any tomatoes and, the best of all: they discover new things. And it is that feeling, the feeling of seeing that I manage to open someone’s mind what has made me to jump down the hill like a snowball and write, publish news about the industry, write articles, present papers in conferences, go to VIP conferences and, well, anything needed.

I look back, year 2004, when I (Oh, my!), arrived from my heavenly island to this city of London, a cold evening of autumn (I was wearing summer clothes), with nothing else but a suitcase and my duvet (just in case) hanging from my hands and plenty of hope (oh, yeah!), and I think: if I had discovered Twitter and I had internet connection at home back then, where would I be now? Well, probably exactly where I am, but with more years down the blog archive and with all of you (I hope).

Even though I have only written 14 posts, including this one (I blame the lack of time), I really hope I will (over)exceed that number throughout the year. However, as this blog wouldn’t be the same without you, (yes, it’s true it Works a bit as a therapy), I wanted to let you know that you can suggest subjects you would like me to talk about, anything you would like to know about games localization, any story about how the tester’s life is or, simply, any hints or help about this industry, you know where to find my e-mail address or where is the comments box.

*scroll down*

Thank you very much for your time and happy birthday to you too!

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